Andrew Keen FD Lecture

On June 30, longtime Internet sceptic Andrew Keen will give a lecture on how to save our civilization in the digital age.
There are many positive ways in which the Internet has contributed to the world, but as a society we are less aware of the Internet’s deeply negative effects on our psychology, economy, and culture. In ‘The Internet Is Not the Answer’, Keen already warned for cultural decline, increasing inequality and global monopolies created by the high-tech revolution.
In his new book –‘How to fix the future’– Keen provides a complete vision for a better future in the digital age. One of his conclusions: we need to stay human in the Digital Age. The book will be released in 2017, but Keen will already share some of his most important findings in this lecture. After the lecture, there will be a discussion led by high-tech entrepreneur and BNR-presenter Ruud Hendriks.

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