The John Adams Institute is an independent institution without subsidy and is supported by private sponsors and donors. The advantage this gives us is that we have the flexibility to, where possible, work together with our sponsors to incorporate their wishes into our program.


Reasons to support the John Adams Institute, in addition to a personal interest, could also be that our program is interesting to offer to both the members of the organization and business relations. Next to that The John Adams Institute has an interesting network and our sponsors get the chance to interact during our annual sponsor dinner.

But above all, it is important that innovative ideas, opinions and work from the U.S. are presented to a Dutch audience since there are many new developments in the U.S. that are important to present here.


The John Adams Institute has a public benefit status, also known as cultural ANBI status.
This means that donations to the JAI are tax deductible. Please contact our office for more information


We would like to acknowledge the people and companies that help make our work possible.