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Now in its fifth year, the monthly Book Club discussion focuses on one instance of the richness of American literature – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, old and new. Our objective is to explore American culture in its myriad aspects – literature, art, politics, history, race relations, landscape, economy, education, science, technology, society. Discussions are in English.

Glen Kendall, an American living in Amsterdam, coordinates the selection of books and the discussions based on recommendations from the members. We have assembled an excellent group of members with different backgrounds and life experiences. The discussions are always animated, very interesting and highly enjoyable. For a list of books the Club has read, click here.​

During Covid-19, meetings are virtual on Zoom, one Thursday evening a month, beginning at 19:00. There is a €10 annual membership fee to cover the Zoom license and incidental expenses. It is expected that members will participate in at least nine of the twelve monthly discussions. The size of each discussion group is limited. For more information about membership, contact Glen at

Book Club members can purchase tickets for John Adams Institute events at the reduced Members price.

Book for AprilStrangers in Their Own Land by Arlie Russell Hochschild.

A renowned American sociologist asked, “How can they think that way?”, referring to working class people who support(ed?) Trumpites. She decided to find out. She moved from left-leaning Berkeley, California, to a poor community in Louisiana where support for Trump was high. She got to know the people, what they thought and why. And she wrote a book about what she discovered.

Virtual Discussion on Zoom, 7:00 pm, Thursday 15 April