Daisy Khan at the anniversary of Al Nisa

On Friday the 22nd of September the American Muslim feminist Daisy Khan will give a talk during the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Al Nisa, the Dutch Muslim Women’s Organisation.

Daisy Khan was born in the state of Jammu and Kasjmir, India.  At the age of 16 Khan left for the United States, supported by her parents. In 2009, Daisy Khan launched together with her husband imam Faisal Abdul Rauf the plan for an Islamic community center close to the former WTC in New York. This led to a national debate on religious freedom. Daisy Khan is currently the director of WISE, Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality.

At Al Nisa, Daisy Khan will talk about the position of American Muslim women and about the international WISE UP Campaign, which forms an opposing movement to extremism such as IS.

Date: Friday September 22nd
Time: 7 – 10 pm
Location: Van der Valk Schiphol A4