Dutch Investigators Pressured by Boeing to Bury Its Responsibility

A recent New York Times investigation showed that the report on the Turkish Airlines crash near Schiphol in 2009 had left out or mischaracterized criticism of Boeing. A report by aviation safety expert Sydney Dekker, commisioned by the Dutch Safety Board to analyze the crash, was never published. “References to Dr. Dekker’s findings in the final report were brief, not clearly written and not sufficiently highlighted, according to multiple aviation safety experts with experience in crash investigations who read both documents.”

Now that new evidence has surfaced on the nature of the 2009 crash, it turns out to be eerily similar to the more recent 737 MAX crashes. “In the 2009 and Max accidents, for example, the failure of a single sensor caused systems to misfire, with catastrophic results, and Boeing had not provided pilots with information that could have helped them react to the malfunction.”