Interdependence Day 2014: Benjamin Barber

This weekend at Pakhuis de Zwijger, the 12th annual Interdependence Day Forum will take place. Founded by Professor Benjamin Barber, the Interdependence Day Forum is an annual gathering of distinguished international speakers including leaders in culture, politics, education and faith all of whom believe in the need for an interdependent world and their responsibility to achieve this vision. In addition to Professor Barber, Sir Jonathan Mills and Kent Larson will speak as well as many others including our own director Tracy Metz.

This year’s event coincides with and will reference the development of the Global Parliament of Mayors project, (GPM) introduced by Professor Barber in his most recent book, If Mayors Ruled the World, Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities. The GPM, greatly influenced by the Interdependence Movement is one of its most significant outcomes.

Every challenge we face today from climate and crime to technology and markets, and communications and public health is global in character. But in an interdependent world, we need citizens without borders – democracy without borders. Which means if we are to survive interdependence and flourish in liberty, we must either globalize democracy or democratize globalization.

The Forum begins at 10:00 AM on Saturday, September 20 and continues with a variety of events through Sunday evening. Click here to see the full programme.

Benjamin Barber’s TED Talk: