March 9 – March 10: Orange Theatre Company plays ART by Yasmina Reza

The English speaking theatre company of Amsterdam will be performing the play ART this weekend at the Tobacco theatre in the heart of Amsterdam. ART (by Yasmina Reza) is a play originally written for three men. Orange Theatre Company is switching things around and presenting this play with three women. You will see that without changing anything but names and pronouns, the play is still completely relevant. This award-winning comedy that raises questions about art and friendship, concerns three long-time friends; Sal, Mar and Eve. Sal, indulging her penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting. Mar is horrified, and their relationship suffers considerable strain as a result of their differing opinions about what constitutes “art”. Eve, caught in the middle of the conflict, tries to please and mollify both of them. What follows, as Eve says in the play, is an “apocalypse because of a white square.”