Margaret Atwood

Sep 04, 2013  -  De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam

Margaret Atwood is one of the world’s best-loved writers. Her output extends to more than fifty volumes. While she is probably best known for her novels, she has also written poetry, nonfiction, and children’s literature.

Dystopia is one of her fictional preoccupations, and in her novel, MaddAddam, Atwood is at her very best: as Booklist says, “from her resilient characters to the feverishly suspenseful plot involving battles, spying, cyberhacking, murder, and sexual tension … The coruscating finale in an ingenious, cautionary trilogy of hubris, fortitude, wisdom, love, and life’s grand obstinacy.”

This was Margaret Atwood’s second visit to the John Adams Institute, after her first in 1994.

Moderator: Julie Phillips

In collaboration with: Prometheus Publishers, HAFF, American Embassy The Hague, AEGON