Martin Amis

The Second Plane
Sep 09, 2008  -  De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam

Martin AmisBritain’s greatest living author came to the John Adams Institute podium on the occasion of the Dutch publication of his new collection of essays about the post-9/11 world, The Second Plane. After spending his early career on the political left, Martin Amis lived for two years in Uruguay and returned to find that, as he later said, “I had moved quite a distance to the right while staying in the same place.” The Second Plane ignited controversy in the U.K. for seeming to conflate hatred of Islamism with hatred of Islam. Amis is the author of some of the most celebrated novels of our time, including London Fields, Money, and The Information.

Photo: Rex

Moderator: Pieter Steinz NRC Handelsblad

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