Marvin Hamlisch

Composer and Musical Director
Oct 20, 2009  - 

MH2Marvin Hamlisch was the maestro of American music. As composer, he scored everything from Woody Allen films to James Bond movies to A Chorus Line and The Sting. With 3 Oscar awards, 4 Grammy awards, 4 Emmys, 3 Golden Globes, a Tony and a Pulitzer Prize, Hamlisch was a highly acclaimed composer. He was also an accomplished pianist and a great showman in his own right. In this very special event, Marvin Hamlisch guided the John Adams Institute audience through the making of a musical. Hamlisch also visited the John Adams Institute in 2011.

He died on August 6, 2012 from lung failure at the age of 68. Read his NY Times obituary here.

In cooperation with AEGON
Moderator: Henk van Gelder NRC Handelsblad
Singer: Lara Grunfeld


PBS “American Masters” program on Marvin Hamlisch:


Marvin Hamlisch’s website


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