NY Times reviews ‘The Harder They Come’

Michiko Kakutani, literary critic for The New York Times, reviews T. C. Boyle’s new novel, ‘The Harder They Come’. The novel tells about the dark side of the American dream – freedom as both a founding principle of America, and an invitation to rebellion and self-indulgence; and the dark fallout of ideological certainty and obsession -, and the efforts of a father to come to terms with a violent child wanted by the law.

According to Kakutani, the novel is “very much a showcase for all of Mr. Boyle’s storytelling talents”. “It’s gripping, funny and melancholy”. “From the novel’s thrilling set piece of a start its pensive conclusion, “The Harder They Come is a masterly — and arresting — piece of storytelling, arguably Mr. Boyle’s most powerful, kinetic novel yet”.

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