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Promoting excellence in cultural trading is at the heart of our activity.

We are passionate about our work in the cultural and heritage sector.


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Sojourner Truth

By Jeroen Dewulf

How the Enslaved Woman of a Dutch-New York Family Became an Icon of America’s Black Liberation Movement On 31 March 1817 the New York legislature decided that enslavement within its borders had to come to an end. Final emancipation would occur on 4 July 1827. Coincidentally, the date of choice was almost exactly two centuries …...

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Competition: Life on the Road

By Doug Hancock

There are hundreds of rodeo arenas built on the edges of small towns throughout the midwest. Amongst them even more less formal ranch rodeos where riders prove their ranch skills to their peers. Since its formation in 1976, the INFR (Indian National Finals Rodeo) has provided safe platforms for animals and riders throughout North America …...

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Landscape: Loss & Healing

By Doug Hancock

Life on the reservations is tough for many and for different reasons. Generational trauma and isolation can mean that making a living is difficult but people do what they can. They are used to finding ways to cope. Donnie Shockey Two Bulls, a veteran marine and ex-police officer, set up a stall to sell jewelry …...

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First Nations Relay Racing: All Aboard the Sioux Express

By Doug Hancock

First Nations Relay Racing has its own traditions and is a separate special event outside of the usual rodeo circuits. Fast-paced and demanding impeccable horse skills, it is hugely popular on and off reservations. A relay team has four members, a rider, a mugger, a set-up man, and the backholder. Between them they ensure that …...

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Immigration, Transformation and Society

Theater & Talk

What makes up the immigrant experience? What are its contours, challenges, and realities? And what gets lost, altered, or edited in the transition between leaving one’s birth country and arriving in a new one? The John Adams Institute is thrilled to present an evening that weaves arts and academics, traverses national boundaries, and crosses oceans, …...

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Pageantry: Miss and lil’ Miss Rodeo Queens

By Doug Hancock

Every Pine Ridge rodeo begins with experienced horse women entering the arena proudly bearing the flags of the nations they ride for, the Oglala Lakota Nation and the United States of America. While female bull riders are rare, women do compete fiercely in the challenges that put ranching skills to the test. The 2022 – …...

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Traditional national architecture embodies its turbulent history. Lorem ipsum dolor siter loast campus amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

The Cultural Council

Orange County was called a ‘cultural desert.’ Today, it is home to more than 200 arts and organizations that offer over 42,000 events.

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Our local sector is becoming a crossroads for the creative scene of the 21st century. The world is watching to see what's taking shape.

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