The Accessible City

Online event with Chris & Melissa Bruntlett
Nov 16, 2021  -  Online Event @ Da Vinci Creatieve Ruimtes

What was it about life in the Netherlands that Canadian couple Chris and Melissa Bruntlett found so attractive? So attractive that they pulled up stakes and left Vancouver to actually move to Delft with their two children? The answer is: quality of life.

A big factor that impacts quality of life is how we move around the city. In North America you usually have one choice: the car. In the Netherlands, the Bruntletts discovered, you have a variety of choices: trams, trains and especially bikes (and yes, even cars too). Having these choices significantly improves the quality of life.

In the three years that the Bruntletts have been living in Delft, they wrote a book that came out this year called Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives. They will be joining the John Adams Institute for an online talk and Q&A with the audience about what makes a liveable city and why transportation is absolutely critical. (And yes, having fewer cars helps).

Click here to read the 6-part blog series ‘Life is better on a bike’ Chris and Melissa wrote for the John Adams.

Moderator: Tracy Metz