Unseen Photo Fair

Under Construction in collaboration with John Adams Institute
Sep 19, 2014  -  The Living Room

Spoken column by Lorenzo Durantini 
Tracy Metz interviews Sandra Phillips
Panel discussion moderated by Marcel Feil with Matthew Leifheit, Lucas Blalock and Joshua Citarella 

joshuacitarella3Programme with talks and round table discussion related to the exhibition “Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography” which opens in Foam on September 17. An exhibition that explores the latest developments towards the use of the photographic image, its complexity and its meaning in the current stream of digitalization. Often there exists an interest for combining and exploring both digital and analogue media and processes. From a need for revaluation and re-invention of the medium, a young generation of visual artists are pioneering and working towards a new photographic vocabulary, defining new parameters and a new visual language. Are we experiencing a renaissance of the medium or heading towards a completely new chapter in the history of the photography?

Featured photo by Joshua Citarella


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