- Interview -

Adam Alter

'There are times when you should be on your screen, and times when you shouldn't,' says Adam Alter in this interview with Katherine October Matthews.

- Introduction -

Michael Chabon

Read the introduction that Hollis Kurman gave to our event with Michael Chabon.

- Introduction -

Branko Milanovic

Read the introduction that Casper Thomas gave to our event with Branko Milanovic, who talked about his book Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization.

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The legendary Chelsea Hotel in New York was a hotspot for the hip and artistic, many of whom paid their bills with their art. On May 16th, the collection that owner Stanley Bard accumulated this way will be sold at auction.


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American anthropologist Mark Neupert is making an ethnographic documentary on modern life in an old city, ‘ Cobblestone Stories, A Year of Modern Living in Leiden’.