Our team

Meet the people who make the magic happen. The John Adams consists of a core team who are responsible for the activities of the Institute. We are led by our board and supported by our cohort of volunteers. 


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We believe in the power of words and ideas, and in sharing culture through intellectual exchange.


Our board members do their work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration for their activities. Special thanks to our board members for their encouragement, counsel and leadership throughout the years.

For three decades, we have brought the best and the brightest of American thinking from the fields of literature, politics, history, and technology.


The John Adams Institute depends on a group of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers that help us during live events. Many thanks to them! Would you like to contribute and become a volunteer? Please contact Mieke Bleeker at bleeker@john-adams.nl.

Marina Armero | Emma van Toorn |Persephone Abbott | Karianna Merks | Marina D’Ambrosio | Elizabeth MacFadyen | Susan Nicolas | Ricardo Dimas Moreno | Susan van Tongeren | John Collins | Laurens van Wijk | Veronica Sundin | Maggie Yuan Yao

Advisory committee

B. C. Alexander, former director McKinsey & Co
A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business, UvA
H.O.C.R. Ruding, former Minister of Finance
K. J. Storm, former director Aegon
P. Wakkie, Wakkie & Perrick
A. Wertheim, former director John Adams Institute
L. Friese, CEO AEGON
M.T.H. De Gaay Fortman, Partner at Houthoff Buruma


Honorary board
John H. Bryan, former CEO, Sara Lee Corp, Chicago
The Hon. K. Terry Dornbush, US Ambassador to the Netherlands 1994-1998
The Hon. Cynthia. P. Schneider, US Ambassador to the Netherlands 1998-2001
The Hon. Clifford. M. Sobel, US Ambassador to the Netherlands 2001-2005
The Hon. Fay Hartog Levin, US Ambassador to the Netherlands 2009-2011
The Hon. Timothy M. Broas, US Ambassador to the Netherlands 2014-2016