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Introduction to Michael Pollan

Moderator Damiaan Denys delivered the following introduction to Michael Pollan on December 11.

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Midterm Elections 2018

In the sixth and final blog of our blog series about the Midterm Elections 2018, Iris Bos writes about ballot questions - which are used by public officials to ask their constitutions advisory questions on specific legislation - and ballot measures, a way for the public to directly pass or repeal a specific law without it having to pass each chamber or requiring a signature from the governor.    

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Richard Powers on The Overstory

The American author Richard Powers reached a large audience with his novel The Overstory. In it, trees talk. This book has been his most successful to date, although its message isn’t very hopeful, as Powers explains in this article in NRC: “People who read this novel feel that hope is excluded. And why would you want to offer hope? We live in a sick country.” Click here to listen to the registration of our recent event with Richard Powers to find out what The Overstory is all about.