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Celebrating a Birthday - via Zoom

How do you celebrate while in self-isolation? California resident Deborah Frieden talks about virtual birthdays, social distancing Happy Hour and how small gestures have turned into big things in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Black Liberators

In the third part of our blog series about the Black Liberators, Professor Gloria Wekker stresses the importance of an inclusive history and asks the question: is the issue of race in Dutch history forgotten, or suppressed?

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Video: Amerika 2020 at the Rode Hoed

On March 11th, The Rode Hoed presented the 1st part of their event series about the American presidential elections in 2020 called Amerika 2020. Casper Thomas, America-correspondent for De Groene Amsterdammer, discussed with a panel of experts whether the U.S. is ready for a progressive revolution. Video of the event is now available (in Dutch)


Non-profits in Survival Mode

The New York Times describes how non-profit organizations in the U.S. have a new mission during the outbreak: trying to survive. Besides seeking help from donors, this unfortunately also means laying off workers.