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Article Jonathan Capehart

In this compelling article for the Washington Post, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jonathan Capehart writes about the imperiled Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and the related issue of white (male) entitlement. Click here to read the article and here for this event with the John Adams.

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Introduction to Roger Ross Williams

Moderator Tracy Metz delivered the following introduction to Roger Ross Williams, film director of 'American Jail', on October 4 in Boom Chicago.

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Public Talk: Police Killings in Self-Defense

Fatal police shootings often take place when an officer perceives a threat from a civilian and acts in self-defense. Focusing on the policing context, this presentation asks: When is defensive killing under uncertainty morally permissible? At the Wijnhaven Building in The Hague, Postdoctoral Fellow Jennifer Page will examine five accounts of self-defense under uncertainty, analyzing them by using the hypothetical police shooting case Non-Compliance.


Lawsuit to end affirmative action goes to trial

Edward Blum, the activist behind a suit alleging that Harvard discriminated against Asian-American applicants, is out to end affirmative action—and all considerations of race—in all circumstances. The  lawsuit goes to trial in Boston this week.