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USA Trivia Night

brought to you by the Young Minds Network

What is General Sherman, and in which national park could you find it? What American football team does Taylor Swift’s latest boyfriend play for? And what was the role of a conductor in the Underground Railroad? Break out your atlases, history books and encyclopedias! It’s time to dust off your knowledge of American music, popular …...

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Ivo Daalder on 75 years of NATO and the Transatlantic Bond

Brought to you by the John Adams Institute and the Netherlands Atlantic Association

In Washington D.C. this July, NATO cautiously celebrates its 75th anniversary. With war raging on its Eastern front since 2022, and potential conflict with China looming in the Indo-Pacific, NATO faces immense challenges. But these tribulations – looming conflict, a polluted global information ecosystem, threats posed by terrorism and even climate change – are also …...

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Wandering Stars with Tommy Orange

Native American Literature and Representation

“I don’t think stories were made to comfort. I believed what my father told me. Stories do more than comfort. They take you away and bring you back better made.” The John Adams Institute is honored to welcome Native American novelist Tommy Orange back to Amsterdam for his highly anticipated second book, Wandering Stars. Orange …...

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President’s Night 2024

America Votes

Who will be the next president of the United States? This important question is more relevant than ever at a time when geopolitics are more turbulent than ever. Americans head to the polls on November 5th to determine the course of their deeply divided nation in an increasingly instable world. Which of the two pensionados …...

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The New Anthology

The New Anthology is a community-led, multi-year project that gives new voice to aspects of our shared Dutch-American history by connecting stories and perspectives that have often been overlooked or purposefully ignored. Visit the online collection to find out more!

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About The John Adams Institute

The John Adams Institute provides an independent podium for American culture in the Netherlands. For three decades, we have brought the best and the brightest of American thinking from the fields of literature, politics, history, and technology.


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What else is going on?

American culture in the Netherlands

Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam?

400 years ago the first Dutch colonists arrived in the area known today as New York. The Amsterdam Museum has joined with the Museum of the City of New York and representatives of the Lenape —original inhabitants of this area of the United States— in creating an exhibition about this shared history. The exhibition Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam? The Indigenous Story Behind New York is on display until 10 November 2024.

Keti Koti at the John Adams!

On 1 July we are celebrating Keti Koti with our partners by distributing free Heri Heri meals and information about our multi-year project, The New Anthology. Heri Heri is a traditional meal shared on 1 July to increase knowledge about Keti Koti: the day that celebrates and marks the abolition of slavery throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 1 July is the 5th anniversary of the amazing KIP Republic who are cooking the meals we will be handing out, as well as the end of the 150th year since slavery was abolished. You don’t need to register, simply come by the John Adams Institute at Herenmarkt 95-A between 12:00 and 16:00 to grab your meal and info kit!

‘Go on and improve in everything worthy.’

John Adams