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Chad in Amsterdam: Comics with Character-Part 4

The fourth and final part of our blog series 'Chad in Amsterdam' is about origin. What does that mean when you’re constantly on the move?​

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The Churchill Complex

On Dec. 1st, Ian Buruma discussed the Special Relationschip between the US and the UK which he investigates in his latest book 'The Churchill Complex'. Click on the image to watch our conversation with one of the West’s leading thinkers on America’s place in the world.

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Joost Zwagerman lecture by Benjamin Moser

American writer Benjamin Moser gave this year’s Joost Zwagerman lecture (article in Dutch). He spoke about Dutch painter Frans Hals and expressed his appreciation for the late work of the artist in particular. Earlier this year, the John Adams hosted a private event for our Family members with Moser to discuss his Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Susan Sontag.