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Introduction to Jennifer Clement

Moderator Joost de Vries delivered the following introduction to Jennifer Clement on January 16.

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California Dreamin'

Journalist Laila Frank spent part of 2018 traveling the West Coast. In this series she shows the different faces of California, ‘the Golden State’: the richest of all states is also home to the highest poverty rate in the country. In this second blog, Laila explores the wonders of the Pacific Ocean.

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Exhibition: American Winter

American Winter is the third exhibition by Swedish photographer Gerry Johansson at Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen in Amsterdam. Last winter Johansson travelled the hamlets and deserted towns of Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. In these often-forgotten fly-over states, Johansson captured the serene beauty of abandoned homes, deserted main streets, disused factories, gas tanks, oil pipelines, silos and churches. From 12 January through 9 february.