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The Pilgrim Fathers: The Price of Liberty

The story of the Pilgrims and the Mayflower is remarkable, and one worth telling. But over time, it was also greatly romanticized and distorted. Based on the exhibition ‘Pilgrims to America’ at Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, this blog series tries to paint a more nuanced picture of the Pilgrims' enterprise.


Megan Twohey on 'She Said' and #MeToo - John Adams Institute (Interview)

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The traditional story of the Pilgrims revised

The traditional story of the Pilgrims Fathers and the Mayflower is under scrutiny, writes Trouw (in Dutch); their history has been greatly romanticized over the years, with far too little attention for the fate of the Native Americans. The John Adams recently published a three-part blog series about this subject.