- Introduction -

Introduction to Kristen Roupenian

Moderator Els Quaegebeur delivered the following introduction to Kristen Roupenian. Roupenian discussed You Know You Want This, a collection of short stories that explore the complex - and often darkly funny - connections between gender, sex, and power.

- Blog series -

California Dreamin'

Journalist Laila Frank spent part of 2018 traveling the West Coast. In this series she shows the different faces of California, ‘the Golden State’: the richest of all states is also home to the highest poverty rate in the country. In her 8th and final blog, Laila wonders about the American art of storytelling.

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Exhibition: I Can Make You Feel Good

This spring, Foam Photography Museum Amsterdam presents I Can Make You Feel Good, the first solo exhibition of upcoming photographer Tyler Mitchell (1995, USA). In his work Mitchell creates what he calls a “black utopia”. He photographs young black people against a palette of candy colors, in the freedom of nature or against idyllic painted backgrounds. The exhibition is on view from 18 April until 5 June 2019.


New holiday celebrates ties between New York and Amsterdam

From this year on, New York celebrates its historic ties with Amsterdam on April 8 during New Amsterdam Cultural Heritage Day. The New York city council designated the Amsterdam day Monday in the presence of Mayor Femke Halsema. In 2016, the John Adams published the blog series ‘New Amsterdam Stories‘, highlighting a project guided by sholars from the New Netherlands Institute seeking to bring 17-century archival collections to wider audiences.