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Ghosts of Segregation - Part 1

In our new 3-part blog series ‘Ghosts of Segregation’, photographer Richard Frishman explores the vestiges of racism and oppression in America’s everyday environment, often hidden in plain sight.

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Harvard Sitkoff on the American Civil Rights Movement - The John Adams Institute

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Film Talk: RBG

On March 2nd, SIB Utrecht will screen and discuss the documentary RBG detailing Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life and achievements. Dr. Valenta, president of the American Studies Association, will explain how Ginsburg fought for gender equality through application of her legal knowledge. Ginsburg visited the John Adams in 1999.


Claim on painting Kandinsky at Stedelijk Museum

The mayor of Amsterdam has decided to revisit the question of whether the city’s Stedelijk Museum should hold onto a 1909 painting by Wassily Kandinsky that had been part of a Jewish collection before it was obtained by the museum during World War II. The heirs have argued that the work Painting With Houses was sold under duress by its Jewish owners after the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.