Madeleine Albright and Frans Timmermans

You can watch the video of our event with Madeleine Albright, in conversation with Frans Timmermans, by clicking here or on the photo.  

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Poverty and Profit in the American City

In this blog series we posted an interview with Van Veelen, three segments of his book, an interview with Matthew Desmond, a review of the exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington based on Desmond’s book ‘Evicted’, by Lize Geurts, and a column by UvA-postdoc researcher and co-speaker Cody Hochstenbach.

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Theater: The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop is a play by American playwright Katori Hall. It is a fictional depiction of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s last night on earth set entirely in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel on the eve of his assassination in 1968. Click here for theater listings.


Freddie Oversteegen, Dutch resistance fighter who killed Nazis through seduction, dies at 92

The Dutch resistance was widely believed to be a man’s effort in a man’s war. If women were involved, the thinking went, they were likely doing little more than handing out anti-German pamphlets or newspapers. Yet Freddie Oversteegen and her sister Truus, two years her senior, were rare exceptions — a pair of teenage women who took up arms against Nazi occupiers and Dutch “traitors” on the outskirts of Amsterdam. With Hannie Schaft, a onetime law student with fiery red hair, they sabotaged bridges and rail lines with dynamite, shot Nazis while riding their bikes, and donned disguises to smuggle Jewish children across the country and sometimes out of concentration camps. Read their fascinating story here.