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Introduction to Tommy Orange

Moderator Ellen de Bruin delivered the following introduction to Tommy Orange on February 14.

- A new blog series -

California Dreamin'

Journalist Laila Frank spent part of 2018 traveling the West Coast. In this series she shows the different faces of California, ‘the Golden State’: the richest of all states is also home to the highest poverty rate in the country. In her seventh blog, Laila writes about the severe feelings of loneliness many Americans experience and how others took on loneliness as an inspiration to create.

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NAA Program: Trump’s Next Two Years and a 2020 Election Preview

On Tuesday March 5,  the Netherlands Atlantic Association organizes a program themed ‘Trump’s Next Two Years and a 2020 Election Preview’. The subject matter will be addressed by two outstanding experts: Matt Mayer, the president of American think tank Opportunity Ohio, and the Dutch America-expert Laila Frank. Their discussion will be moderated by foreign policy expert and former America commentator Paul Brill.

For more information and to register, click here.


State of the Union

President Trump delivered his second formal State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday. His mixed messages  resulted in mixed reactions, clearly reflected by these reactions from the press: click here for a response from Fox News, and here for an article in the Washington Post.