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Lauren Greenfield

John Adams Institute director Tracy Metz weekly vlogs about her daily life and all the fascinating and interesting things that she does and encounters. In weekvlog #6 she interviews past speaker Lauren Greenfield to talk about her photobook Generation Wealth Watch it here.       

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When Home Feels Like a Battlefield

In his last blog, Ross Tilchin prepares to return to the United States, which he's both excited about and dreads: "As I prepare to leave Europe, I can’t help but wonder—why is it that the United States has been so resistant to adopting the kinds of policies that have existed for decades in the Netherlands and many other European countries?"

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Photographer of black America

As the only black photographer at Life Magazine, Gordon Parks had unique access to the black community in turbulent times. The exhibition of his work ‘I Am You. Selected Works 1942-1978’ is on view through Sept. 6th at FOAM photography museum in Amsterdam.