The John Adams Institute is an independent organization without subsidy and is supported financially by private sponsors and donors. This independence gives us the opportunity to work together with our sponsors, and to incorporate the interests of their communities and stakeholders into our program.


Our sponsors support us not only because of a personal interest in our programming, but also because our community is an appealing way to broaden their own horizons: whether this be through the ideas they encounter, or the people that they meet. Sponsors are encouraged to bring their business relations and employees to our events, be they public or exclusive.


Our community of sponsors help to ensure that U.S. innovation, ideas, opinions, and culture are presented to Dutch audiences in an appealing and accessible format. The John Adams Institute is a recognize not for profit organization (ANBI). We would like to acknowledge the people and companies that help make our work possible.

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Jan Willem Baud and Frederike Charbon | Frank van Beuningen | Martine Bijkerk | Paul Broholm | Karin and Volkert Doeksen | Rick and Marga Donehoo | Yolanda Felderhof and Felix Guttman | Beth Johnson and Jan Kat | Alexander and Laura Kaarls | Ian and Mary Lou Kantor | Johan Kleyn en Gaby Heere | Kris Kohlstrand | Berry van Kollem (Providence Capital) | Ann and Wouter Korijn | David Korslund and Rob Kooiman | Leon Kruimer and Pisamai Jaigla | Hollis Kurman and Gert-Jan van der Hoeven | Carien van der Laan | Jaap Maljers | Carole Anne Collier | Rob and Sara Meuter | Jeroen Ouwehand | Marsha Plotnitsky | Hans en Debra Riezebeek | Onno and Reneé Ruding | Jasper Stek and Penny Simmers | Kees and Anneke Storm | Mirjam van Tiel | Peter Wakkie | Gerben and Anouk Weistra | Elise Wessels van Houdt | Jose Hernandez and Shana Laurie de Hernandez | Marieke Sanders | Otto van der Harst | Gabe Marino | Caroline Wouters | Jan and Yvonne Prins | Robert Nakata and Harmine Louwe

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Amsterdam in Business | Bain & Company | Loes and Evert van den Bergh | Arnold Croiset van Uchelen | Greenberg Traurig | Wilfred Griekspoor and Ursula van Hecke | Peggy Gunn | Alexander and Eva Rinnooy Kan-van der Dussen | Suzanne and Björn van der Klip | Henri Mathon | Glenda and Adriaan Nuhn | Jan & Cheryl Steenman-Bash | Martijn en Andrée Schouten | Uitgeverij Atlas Contact | Julie Wilson | International Writers’ Collective | Jennifer and Durk van der Zee-McKinley | Truus Valkering | Michael and Alison Tierney | ISA | Heussen | Jay O’Conner | Rick Chan & Richard Jennings

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Parmando 24Culture | Boekhandel Athenaeum | Fulbright Commission | We Are Public | US Embassy The Hague