Legacy Giving

Your passion for American culture, and curiosity for the world around you is a gift worth giving. Legacy giving is a valuable way to support our organization. Your legacy donation ensures that future generations have the chance to engage with some of the most important topics and speakers of their generation.

There are a variety of ways to sponsor the John Adams Institute. Consider naming the Institute as a beneficiary (legaat) in your will, or as an inheritor (erfstelling). The decision is yours: we are grateful for your support regardless of the form that it comes in.

Your generosity helps our mission to welcome the best and brightest of American thinking to the Netherlands. It will also ensure that future generations enjoy the John Adams Institute, by supporting initiatives like our Young Minds Network and our high school lecture series, the Quincy Club.

If you feel that the John Adams has a place in your heart, and if you feel that the Institute is a worthy beneficiary of your legacy, then there are some practicalities to consider.

Your commitment to sponsor the John Adams Institute must be included in your will. We recommend you contact your notary to initiate the process. If you need assistance contacting a suitable notary, please let us know.

Your notary will assist you in creating an inventory of your wishes and advise you on how best to include the John Adams Institute in your legacy planning. The notary will draft a text for your approval, signature and inclusion in your will.

Once you’ve signed the testament, you will receive a copy from your notary. They will also send a copy to be archived at the Dutch Centraal Testamentenregister, ensuring your wishes can be acted upon.

You can inform your notary of the following important information. The John Adams Institute is an ANBI registered organization. That means that your legacy gift is tax-free, and that we can make the most of your generosity.

Name: Stichting John Adams Institute
KvK number: 41206189
IBAN: NL07ABNA0471647802

If you have any questions about legacy giving or the practicalities thereof, we invite you to contact Program & Development Coordinator Ian Kenny at kenny@john-adams.nl.