American artist Rasheedah Phillips at Afrofuturism

From 14 to October 18, WORM Rotterdam hosts a unique, 5 day festival of modern-day Afrofuturism in the heart of Rotterdam. WORM has invited one of America’s foremost Afrofuturist artists, activists and thinkers, Rasheedah Phillips (founder of collective The Afrofuturist Affair) to co-curate this unique event. Musical highlights include a live King Britt curation “To Unprotect and Subserve” on Friday 16th, and concerts by Islam Chipsy and Eek, Mutamassik, Moor Mother Goddess, Nyfolt and Morgan Craft.

Afrofuturism combines avant-garde, science-fiction and other works and reflections from the black diaspora. Afrofuturism is not a new concept; rather it is an active and global movement that covers all artistic disciplines, and wider aspects of culture and activism and is driven by a strong do-it-yourself spirit. The festival programme will include speculative workshops, performances, science-fiction readings, films, experimental fashion, video and collage art, dance events and afterparties, sound art and music from international artists such as Moor Mother Goddess, Mutamassik, Islam Chipsy and King Britt.