AVGO Course – March 9th until May 25th 2018: Amsterdam and the road to the ‘Third Golden Age’

Last year our mayor Eberhard van der Laan (1955- 2017) stated that Amsterdam had entered its ‘Third Golden Age’. He referred to two earlier prosperous and successful periods. Amsterdam today is a magnet; even though the cost of living goes up every month, people from all over the country and many expats come to live here.

The rapid changes in the present have a lot to do with events in the past. To get a thorough understanding of the developments that lead up to this ‘Third Golden Age’, as Van der Laan put it, the AVGO (Academie voor Geschiedkundig Onderwijs) in collaboration with the City Archives offer an exciting overview of Amsterdam’s history. In ten lectures historian Dionijs de Hoog covers the ten most important years in Amsterdam’s past, the years that have made Amsterdam what it is today.

During this course we will cover:

Friday March 9th:
1275 – The Toll privilege

Friday March 16th:
1345 – The Miracle

Friday March 23rd:
1578 – The Alteration; a merchant city makes a wise decision

Friday March 30th:
1662 – The Canal Belt and the Golden Age

Friday April 6th:
1808 – City Hall and Palace; symbol of power

Friday April 13th:
1864 – The Palace of Popular Diligence and the Second Golden Age

Friday April 20th:
1941 – The February strike

Friday May 11th:
1965 – Counterculture I: Provo

Friday May 18th:
1975 – Counterculture II: Nieuwmarkt riots

Friday May 25th:
2018 – Migration, tourism and the Third Golden Age