The BKB campaign trip – in quotes

“ Before bed at night, think about why you get up the next morning. And think about what you eventually want it to say on your tombstone. Nobody says at a funeral: that guy had such a great flatscreen tv. Material possessions are not important. All that matters is how you affect the lives of others. ”

—    Advice for young people from Ted Cruz, campaigning at Pedraza’s Mexican restaurant, Keene, NH

ted cruz

“ Churches haven’t done a good job figuring out how to be relevant. Churches provide not only Sunday services, but human services. ”

—    Reverend Tim Crellin tijdens de zondagsdienst in St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church


“ The Republicans have adopted a suicide strategy and that is to be a party of whites. ”

—    Professor Richard Parker van de Harvard Kennedy School

bernie sanders featured 2

“ In New Hampshire, you can’t swing a cat without hitting a state representative. ”

—    Roger Carroll van de Nashua Telegraph over de absurd grote hoeveelheid state representatives


“ ‘I’m gonna get the job done’ doesn’t resonate well, because people want to throw off the shackles and blow up the system. ”

—    Ruy Teixeira van The Center for American Progress over Hillary Clinton’s campagneboodschap


“ The Republicans are reaping what they have sown, and that is Donald Trump. ”

—    Roger Simon van Politico