Exhibition: It’s all about Power

On 1 October 2018 Power of Art House opens a new gallery for rebellious and activist art. The gallery is located at the Entrepotdok 26 in Amsterdam. The opening exhibition ‘It’s all about Power’ shows works of three international artists: CSAR (The Netherlands), Antuan Rodriguez (Cuba/USA) and INDECLINE (USA). Each piece is a reflection on the relationship between power and counter forces. The exhibition runs until 31 December.

Anonymous artist CSAR presents with ‘Powerless’ a series of portraits of world leaders and important rulers such as Putin, Assad, the Pope, Queen Elizabeth and Zuckerberg. How will they look back on their lives in 20 years? The portraits are accompanied by short fictional stories by Jeroen Teitler. The interactive installation ‘Left or Right’ of Antuan Rodriguez is a healing project and depicts different world leaders and tyrants, and allow the spectator, through the punching of the ags, to release negative emotions. The provocative sculpture ‘The Emperor Has No Balls’ by activist art collective INDECLINE shows a naked Donald Trump.