Fellowship American Phography at the Rijksmuseum.

The team of Photography Curators of the Rijksmuseum is preparing a major exhibition of American photographs—from the birth of the medium in 1839 to the present. The Terra Foundation for American Art offers early career scholars the opportunity to conduct photo-historical research into American photography in the Rijksmuseum collection. Candidates are invited to submit a research proposal that links to the themes that were chosen for the upcoming exhibition: American landscapes, portraits, the private use of photographs, the application of photography in advertisement, fashion, politics, (decorative) utensils, and a number of social themes – from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement and from poverty to the experience of wars in the Homeland, as well as the relation of photography to modern art (especially after World War II).

The deadline for applications is 19 January 2020. Click here for more information and to apply.