The First Lady is dancing to her own tune

By Sterre Sprengers

Her most important mission is the battle against what has become a true epidemic in the United States:obesity. The program is called Let’s Move. Her message is simple: eat healthier and move more. Her target group are children and their parents. That makes her theme relevant and visually attractive. This means vegetables and gardening, jumping rope and playing tug-of- war, sack racing and yoga, playing table tennis and dancing. Away from game consoles, because old-fashioned games are fun. Just look how much the First Lady is enjoying herself.

@ Pete Souza/ The White House

@ Pete Souza/ The White House

You can see the entire ‘dance ’ collection here.

For eight years, White House photographer Pete Souza took 20,000 pictures a week of Obama. That’s right, 20,000 a week, many of which were posted on the White House Flickr account. Sterre Sprengers, image editor at De Correspondent, has followed his work for years, in search of patterns – patterns that reveal relationships of power, etiquette, love. And patterns that subtly reveal the image of the president that Souza created with his images. As time went on, once he had firmly established the presidential image, he took fewer solemn portraits and more images that were lighthearted or artistic. Gradually his work for the White House came to reflect his own personal taste. That is an achievement.

Until Jan. 20th, when Obama’s successor Trump will be inaugurated, the John Adams will present once a day an image and a text from the project Sterre Sprengers published on the daily online news medium ‘De Correspondent’. You can see the entire project here.