John Adams Family

The John Adams Institute is an independent podium in the Netherlands that brings the best and brightest of American thinking to the Netherlands. In thirty years, we have brought prominent speakers to the Netherlands such as Al Gore, Madeleine Albright, Dan Brown, Jesse Jackson, Philip Glass and Spike Lee. We have now established the John Adams Family to bring you into close contact with these ‘Great Minds’—and each other.


The John Adams Family is a small circle of individuals who share interest in original thinking from the US. Our Family offers unique opportunities to meet great thinkers personally in intimate settings.

Family members are invited to an exclusive annual ‘Family dinner’ with a prominent speaker. In addition, you will receive an invitation two or three times a year for drinks or a reception with a speaker. And as our family, you receive special treatment with regards to tickets for all our events—small, large or sold out.

The John Adams Family is a growing community. With your contribution of 2,500 euros a year for five years, you help foster the John Adams speakers program. Great Minds for Great People and a lot of substance.

For more information contact Tracy Metz, Director: