January 14th – March 4th: American artist Amy Balkin: Mapping the Ground | Grounding the Map

For over a decade, the American artist Amy Balkin is creating work in which climate change, the public domain and the commons play a central role. In her ongoing project ‘A Peoples Archive of Sinking and Melting’, she maps a world wide loss of land as a result of climate change. The archive consists of a collection of objects derived from places on earth that may possibily disappear as a result of physical,  political and economic effects of climate change (such as the melting of glaciers, the rise of sea levels, erosion of sea coasts and desertification).

Her project, along with projects by other artists, is part of the exhibition Mapping the Ground | Grounding the Map, location: Zone2Source, Glazen Huis in the Amstelpark, Amsterdam from January 14th – March 8th.