Quincy Club

The Quincy Club is the educational branch of the John Adams Institute. Its events strive to enlighten Dutch high school students about American affairs in a non-partisan and informative fashion. Started in 2002, the Quincy Club is part of our ongoing effort to help young audiences better understand American culture. The club’s activities take students into an interactive new learning environment through American history, literature and art.

This year’s lecture is about the history of the US dollar. We’ll take a look at the origin of the dollar and discuss how it supplanted the British pound as the world’s major currency after World War I, and its influence on world history in general. We’ll examine the global economic and political forces that are putting pressure on the dollar’s role, such as the rise of China, the growing strength of the euro and cryptocurrency.

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The lecture will be given by the Americans Gabe Marino, financial lawyer and amateur historian, and Michael Tierney, banker and working for Lockdown Economy, a non-profit that has been advising small businesses in collaborations since the Covid pandemic.

Our 2021 Quincy Club lecture high school series on the history of the US Dollar filled up fast. Fortunately, we have a taped version for everyone who missed out!

For more information and to get involved, please contact us at quincyclub@john-adams.nl.


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The Quincy Club program is supported financially by the American Embassy