Quincy Club

The Quincy Club is the educational branch of the John Adams Institute. Yearly, we visit highschools across the Netherlands for a talk about an American related topic (see past topics below). It strives to help Dutch high school students better understand American affairs and culture in a non-partisan and informative fashion.

For more information and to get involved, please contact us at quincyclub@john-adams.nl.


Past Topics

2022: Diversity, Emancipation & Inclusivity

2021: History of the US Dollar (watch the video)

2020: The US 2020 Elections (watch the video)

2019: California and Silicon Valley (watch the video)

2018: U.S. Midterm Elections

2017: Marshall Plan

2016: US Presidential Election

2015: Abolition of Slavery

2013: Dutch-American relations over the past 400 years

2012: US Presidential Elections

2011: Immigration

2010: History of American Integration and Immigration

2009: Henry Hudson and the establishment of the new Netherlands

2008: US Presidential Election and the functioning of the American system

2007: History of American Integration and Immigration

2006: America as a land of immigrants

2005: America as a land of immigrants

2004: US Presidential Election – Kerry vs. Bush

2003: National Poetry Day Amsterdam

2002: Martin Luther King and the American Civil Rights Movement


The Quincy Club program is supported financially by the American Embassy