Public Insight – Against a Perfect Sky

On December 16, film producer Jasper Henderson will discuss his travel to Abruzzi and his love for Fante with We Are Public-editor Daniël van der Meer.

In the documentary ‘Against a Perfect Sky’ Jasper Henderson tries to capture the Italian roots – that are such a vital part, or maybe even the soul of the writing- of Italian-American author John Fante. We witness the pilgrimage of Dutch authors and Fante aficionados Jaap Scholten and Henk van Straten to the Italian village of Fante’s forefathers in Abruzzi. ‘Against a Perfect Sky’ is a story about migration, fathers and sons and the art of writing, against the backdrop of the glorious town of Torricella Peligna and the literary festival Il Dio di Mio Padre.