Stephen Shore – Retrospective

From June 10 until September 10 the work of American photographer Stephen Shore is on display at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam.
The work of the American photographer Stephen Shore (b.1947, New York City) has shaped contemporary photography and inspired generations of photographers. He has never stopped exploring the boundaries of photography, and has selected subjects that were not seen as obviously photogenic. He has effortlessly switched back and forth between back and white and color, and has experimented with a wide variety of cameras and every possible format. This exhibition covers the period 1960-2016 and shows important turning points in his career.
In the early 1970s Stephen Shore roamed across his homeland, America, and photographed things in the same way he looked at them: factually, and with a style apparently devoid of artistic pretension. He photographed everyday subjects like motel interiors, pancake breakfasts, car parks and traffic intersections.
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