Theater: Husband and Wives

The play Husbands and Wives, based on a film by Woody Allen, confronts us with questions we all ask ourselves at some point. When is a relationship over? And how to continue? Should you cling to what you have or be open to something entirely new? How well do you know yourself, your partner, your friends? Can you be lonelier in a relationship than on your own?  It is a portrait of two couples. One day, Jack and Sally decide they want to divorce each other. A mutual decision, so they say. But for their friends Gabe and Judy, it is an incredible shock. Is our marriage as good as we think it is, they wonder. Jack and Sally’s decision triggers a chain reaction of events that profoundly uproots the lives of these four people.

Husbands and wives, starring Hélène Devos, Marieke Heebink, Robert de Hoog, Ramsey Nasr, Halina Reijn, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, can be seen exclusively in Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (12-22 December 2018).

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