Gini Reticker

Peace Unveiled
Apr 11, 2012  -  LUX Theater, Mariënburg 38-39, Nijmegen

Gini_Reticker_web2As Afghanistan continues to struggle, so do its women and children. But there are strong individuals who give reason for hope.

The groundbreaking documentary film Peace Unveiled, narrated by Tilda Swinton, follows three Afghan women who organized to protect women’s rights from being traded away in 2009 during peace talks between U.S.forces and the Taliban. One is a parliamentarian who helped write the Afghan constitution; another, a former midwife who is one of the last women’s rights advocates in Kandahar; and the third, a young activist in Kabul.

This special John Adams Institute event featured a discussion with Gini Reticker, the award-winning director of the film.

This event was part of our Afghanistan series.

Peace Unveiled was part of the five-part PBS series Women, War & Peace. Click below for the trailer.

In collaboration with: LUX Theater Nijmegen, American Embassy The Hague, Holland-America Friendship Foundation, AEGON