Mark Kurlansky

The Big Oyster
May 30, 2006  -  Odeon, Singel 460, Amsterdam

Mark KurlanskyFormer pastry chef and international correspondent Mark Kurlansky reveals the secrets of the foods we love. His culinary odyssey, The Big Oyster, is a history of New York told through its most celebrated shellfish. New York City’s oyster houses were famous around the world until pollution finally destroyed the beds off nearby Ellis Island in the 1920s. Kurlanksy’s gastronomic history covers four centuries of cultural, economic and culinary trends – with recipes throughout! A columnist for Food & Wine magazine and author of the award-winning Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World, Kurlansky also draws on 25 years’ experience reporting on international affairs and the Caribbean. His writing appears in the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times Magazine and Harper’s.



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Moderator: Russel Shorto

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