Oliver Sacks

Uncle Tungsten: My Chemical Boyhood
Dec 10, 2001  -  Koepelzaal, Kattengat 1, Amsterdam

December 10, 2001

Oliver SacksDr. Oliver Sacks visited the John Adams Institute to discuss his autobiography Uncle Tungsten: My Chemical Boyhood (Oom Wolfram en Mijn Chemische Jeugd). An elegant and beguiling writer, ‘a master at bleding sciences with old-fashioned storytelling’ (TIME), Dr. Sacks won international acclaim for his essays and books on migraines, sleeping-sickness, colour blindness, the nature of selfhood, and preconceptions about the deaf, language and thought. Uncle Tungsten relates the history of Sachs himself, remembering his youth in England during WWII, his first encounter with the world of sciences and the sobering realization that he wouldn’t and couldn’t be an Einsten. ‘In this book I show you my lost paradise.’

Moderator: Ronald Plasterk


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Oliver Sacks’ website

Moderator: Ronald Plasterk

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