Bill Viola

Conversation with Peter Sellars
Sep 13, 1998  -  Koepelzaal Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, Kattengat 1, Amsterdam

billviolaOn the occasion of the 25 year retrospective of Bill Viola’s work at the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, the American video artist discussed his work with renowned opera and theater director, Peter Sellars. Viola and Sellars, who are longtime friends, discussed Viola’s work and his contributions to the art world. Bill Viola began working with video and electronic sound as a student in the early 1970’s. By using innovative multi-media technologies, he presents a broad view of contemporary art’s relevance to the modern world. The discussion between Viola and Sellars focused on this subject. Viola is greatly respected in his field and has won numerous awards. His works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death and aspects of consciousness. The Stedelijk Museum exhibition included installations, videotapes, notebooks and drawings displayed in 14 darkened rooms.


Bill Viola’s “Acceptance” (2008):


Bill Viola’s website

Moderator: Peter Sellars

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