Bret Easton Ellis

Imperial Bedrooms
Sep 17, 2010  -  Singelkerk, Singel 452, Amsterdam

Bret_Easton_EllisBret Easton Ellis became a celebrity novelist in 1985, at the age of 21, when Less Than Zero was published. Since then, his work has both built upon and mocked the themes that made him famous, including drug use, designer labels and generally amoral behavior. In his novel Imperial Bedrooms, he returns to the characters of his first book. They are now in middle age, still living in Los Angeles. Donna Tartt, in reviewing the book, highlighted its eeriness: “the BlackBerry flashing on the nightstand in the middle of the night, everywhere the subliminal hum of menace.” Bret Easton Ellis also visited the John Adams Institute in 1999.

Moderator: Pieter Steinz

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