Jonathan Franzen

Oct 21, 2010  -  Aula UvA, Singel 411, Amsterdam

jonathan_franzenThe New York Times Book Review calls Jonathan Franzen’s novel, Freedom, “a masterpiece of American fiction.” Time Magazine actually put Franzen on its cover with the title “Great American Novelist.” The accolades are coming nonstop. Franzen’s novel spans the 9/11 decade.  In following a single family, Franzen creates a vast meditation on a continent and a country; ultimately it is a meditation, as the title indicates, on the most potent and overused word in the American lexicon. This was Jonathan Franzen’s third visit to the Institute after his visits in 2006 and 2002.


PBS Interview with Jonathan Franzen on Freedom:


TIME interview with Jonathan Franzen on Freedom

Moderator: Jan Donkers

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