Jonathan Safran Foer

Eating Animals
Jan 14, 2010  -  Paradiso, Weteringsschans 6-8, Amsterdam

SafranFoer_Jonathan_webBrilliant, thrilling, genius, breathtaking: such are the adjectives that have routinely been applied to Jonathan Safran Foer’s two award-winning novels.  At 32, a married man with small children, Foer turned his attention to nonfiction, and to the food we eat.  Eating Animals is not an appeal for vegetarianism, but a sustained, at times brutal look at the meat industry. With his gift for the poetic, Foer sweeps in aerial movements over the topic, taking us into the world of microbes and the realm of animal suffering, before delivering it finally to our table.


VPRO video of the event:


Eating Animals website

Moderator: Pieter van der Wielen

In collaboration with: Ambo/Anthos Publishers